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Car Wrapping in Manchester

Car Wrapping in Oldham

Car Wrapping in Cheshire

Car Wrapping in Stockport

Car Wrapping in Warrington

Car Wrapping in Bolton

Car Wrapping in Liverpool

Car Wrapping in Lancashire 

Car Wrapping in North West

Booking any of our services means you accept terms/condition highlighted within this site. FAQ's can be found here.

What is vehicle wrapping?  

Vehicle wrapping is the process of covering a vehicle in a thin, pliable vinyl. Used as a means of changing a vehicle colour or business advertising. 

What is a ‘colour change’ wrap?  

Colour change is the same process of covering a vehicle in vinyl, but used purely to change the colour. It involves the application of a coloured vinyl, as opposed to a digitally printed vinyl which would be used to display graphics. There are hundreds of colours, finishes and textures to choose from.

What are the benefits of car wrapping?  

Keep your car but change the colour / Change the colour as often as you like / Cheaper than a respray / Protect your paintwork, adding value when you come to sell / Easily achieve a various finishes & effects

How much does it cost? 

A colour change wrap on a small car will start from £650. The cost will increase with size, complexity of the design and the material chosen. We never compromise on any aspect of the process and we take the utmost care.

What is the difference between a full wrap and a partial or half wrap? 

A full wrap refers to a wrap that completely covers a vehicle in vinyl. A partial wrap (or half wrap) refers to a wrap that is not fully covered.  (If you were to advertise your business on the rear door and rear side panels of your van, it would be referred to as a partial wrap. If the advert covered the entire vehicle, it would be called a full wrap)

How does the vinyl stay on?  

The vinyl, which comes on a roll, has a backing that peels off – much like a sticker. The back of the vinyl adheres to the panels of your vehicle, giving a perfectly smooth, tactile finish.

How long will it last?  

Vehicle wraps are not permanent. Most vinyls have a life-span of approximately 3-7 years. 

Is it easy to remove?  

It’s a not a 5 minute job to remove a vinyl wrap, after all it needs to withstand all weather together with the daily stresses and strains of being on the road. The longer the vinyl has been in place, the longer it will take to remove. But with right tools and experience we can easily remove a vinyl wrap.

Will the vinyl damage my paintwork?  

If your paintwork is of a good standard when the wrap is applied, then the vinyl will not damage your paintwork. 

Will a vehicle wrap cover rust, chips and scuffs?

 Unfortunately not, a vinyl wrap will not hide the imperfections of your paintwork. The vinyl itself is relatively thin and so defects such as chips, key lines, rust and poor paintwork will show through. 

Will a vehicle wrap be in one piece?

 Wherever possible. However due to size restrictions and complex shapes a curves it may be necessary to join pieces of vinyl together. We will aim too hide this join in a vehicle body line if possible.

What is the cost for having a vinyl wrap removed?

 The cost of removing a wrap starts at £200. For an accurate quotation we would need to see the vehicle.

Why a vehicle wrap and not a respray?  

A wrap is intended to be a short-term solution to colour change. The alternative, a respray is permanent. A wrap allows you to enjoy your car in any colour, but then have the vinyl removed when you choose too, for example, to sell it in the original paintwork. (It would be easier to sell a red Ferrari than a matte black one)

Can I wrap individual parts of my vehicle?

 Yes you can. Bonnets, roofs and wing mirrors are a popular choice for wrapping individually. Please call for special requests. 

How soon after a respray can you apply a vinyl wrap?

 We don’t recommend applying a wrap for at least 12 months after a respray.

Will a wrap affect my insurance premium?

 This is down to the individual insurer and if they deem a wrap a modification. We recommend calling your insurer first to check.

Do I need to inform the DVLA if I have a colour change wrap?

 Yes, it's a legal requirement to inform the DVLA of a  full colour change. The process involves updating your registration certificate (V5C/Log Book)). Partial wraps don't requires DVLA notification.

How do I wash the car once wrapped?

 We advise that you wash your car either by hand wherever possible. Always straight on if using a jet wash. We advise against automated car washes, as the abrasive action can have a negative effect on the vinyl. Always take care when using chemicals to clean your car. Please leave unto a week before your first wash.

Do I get a guarantee?

  Guarantees of up to five years are available on our services. Terms & Conditions apply. (Guarantees not transferable with ownership)

Guarantees DO NOT begin unless full payment has been received. Anything happening prior to full payment will not be covered. With holding payment / Not responding to invoice will result in immediate recovery proceedings.

What is the Warranty/Guarantee Claim Process

All vehicles have been through an entirely different life. Warranties are provided for good reason. Please contact us if you're concerned about anything.

An appointment will be set for you to assess the vehicle and carry out any necessary work. If you fail to keep to this appointment after reporting issues

then your guarantee on services is terminated. 

Can I change my booked date for wrapping? 

 If you have booked a vehicle in, you may change your booking if you provide notice (via Telephone) at least 3 working days prior to your booking date. 

Is my deposit refundable?  

If you have booked a vehicle in and paid a deposit for services, we are afraid we are unable to refund your deposit. This is due to managing workload and preparing materials,

How Can I Pay?

We accept all forms of payment. Card & BACS payment welcome.

What If I Can't/Won't Pay?

All balances are due on project collection/completion. If this is not paid within 14 days of invoice we can begin legal recovery proceedings for the total

invoice amount. (This means any discounts/deals/extras become void and the full price of all services will be due) Plus any associated/relevant costs. Design and content of all projects remain the sole property of Bohemian Wrappers-ody Ltd until rights are signed over upon project completion. Any court proceedings will also carry a removal demand of any work carried out along side the total claim cost. 

Can you collect my car?

 We provide a nationwide collection/delivery service. We can arrange a transporter, or we have fully insured drivers ready to drive your car safely to our car wrapping centre in Manchester.

Are you insured?

 We are insured to drive and work on cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.



Bohemian Wrappers-ody Ltd are not responsible for any losses or costs incurred whilst a vehicle is with us. Timescales are only estimates not guarantees. By booking any service

you acknowledge acceptance of these terms.


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.